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Terms & conditions

Given our move to the new North Queensland Stadium for the 2020 season, these Terms & Conditions apply to 2020 season membership as well as the process that we will use for:

  • rolling-renewal of any existing 2019 membership that you may have into a 2020 membership; and
  • rolling-renewal of your 2020 membership into a 2021 membership. 

We will refer to the process of renewing membership between seasons as our ‘Rolling Renewal’ process.  You can learn more about how the Rolling Renewal process works and how to opt-out of that process in these Terms & Conditions. 

These Terms & Conditions do not apply to 2021 season membership.  Unless you opt-out of Rolling Renewal, we will inform you of the terms and conditions that will apply to 2021 season membership during the Rolling Renewal process for renewing your 2020 season membership into a 2021 season membership.  We will also publish those terms and conditions on our website when the membership window for 2021 membership opens for members of the general public wanting to become season members.

In these Terms & Conditions, we will refer to the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys as ‘us’, ‘we and ‘our’.  We will refer to a season member in these Terms & Conditions as a ‘season member’, ‘member’, ‘you’ and ‘your’.

By applying for season membership you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood these Terms & Conditions and that each other member listed in your membership account has read and understood or will comply with these Terms & Conditions. 

Nothing in these Term & Conditions amends, limits or excludes any rights or remedies that a member may have under the Australian Consumer Law which cannot lawfully be amended, limited or excluded.

Please read these Terms & Conditions prior to proceeding with your seat selection for the 2020 season.

Season membership entitlements

1. Membership categories for the 2020 season are explained on our website and include our new corporate-lite ‘Club 95’ season membership as well as our ‘Diamond’, ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’  and ‘Supporter’ memberships.           

2. Different entitlements apply to different membership categories and the entitlements may change from season-to-season.   We may also change the name of membership categories from season-to-season or introduce new categories of membership.  We may also change the price of membership from season to season.

3. Additional terms apply for our ‘Club 95’ season membership, which are set out in clauses 6 to 17 below of these Terms & Conditions.  Club 95 is a ‘corporate-lite’ membership and is new for the 2020 season, with exclusive seating areas in the new North Queensland Stadium.  Subject to seating availability, 2019 season members taking part in our Rolling Renewal process will have the opportunity to upgrade to, or purchase a new, Club 95 season membership as part of the Rolling Renewal process.

4. By purchasing a season membership, you become a member of the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys for the period of that membership.  Each season membership relates to a National Rugby League (NRL) season but is current for our Club’s ‘financial year’, which is 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020 for the 2020 season.  As a season member, you can enjoy applicable membership benefits (such as discounts on merchandise) during the whole of the Club’s financial year for the membership (not just during the playing season).

5. Membership benefits and entitlements for each season and membership category are detailed on our website here: Member benefits

Additional terms and conditions specific to Club 95 season membership

6. The terms under this heading only apply to 2020 Club 95 season members.

7. Club 95 stadium chair cover – will be placed on the Club 95 member’s seat for each home game by Cowboys staff and is not to be removed by the member until the last home game of 2020 when the member is able to take it home as a souvenir.

8. Exclusive Club 95 Polo shirt – note that for seats confirmed after 15 November 2019, there will be limited sizing available on Club 95 polos due to merchandise manufacturing processes.

9. One standard drink per game per seat – members will receive 12 individual drink vouchers at the start of the season that are only redeemable at the corresponding match specified on the drink voucher.  Note there are no reprints for lost vouchers.

10. Invitation to a Club 95 event – member will receive one invite per seat.  This invitation is non-transferrable.  We will confirm the date for the event with Club 95 members prior to start of 2020 season.

11. Visit to the Field Club (Members Round) – member will receive one pass per seat which is non-transferrable and is valid for the Members Round only.  We have the right to choose another round if access to the Field Club during the Members Round is unavailable for any reason.

12. Photo on bench pre-game (two games) – we will nominate two games during the 2020 season where member is invited pre-gates opening to have picture taken on team bench by club photographer.  Note that, due to space and time limitations, picture may include other Club 95 members.

13. No loyalty discount is available to existing Diamond, Platinum or Gold members (i.e. consumer season memberships) upgrading to the corporate-lite Club 95 season membership.

14. If a 2019 Diamond, Platinum or Gold season member upgrades to a corporate-lite Club 95 season membership, they will relinquish the ‘best-equivalent’ seat offered to them as part of the Rolling Renewal process because they will need to select seats in the Club 95 section of the North Queensland Stadium.   However, a Diamond, Platinum or Gold season member that wishes to pay for renewal of their existing membership into the 2020 season will be given the option to also purchase and select seats for an additional Club 95 membership as part of the Rolling Renewal process.

15. 2019 Diamond, Platinum or Gold season members can also purchase additional seats when upgrading to Club 95 (you are not limited to the same number of seats that you have under your current 2019 season membership).

16. Club 95 season membership does not provide any general access to the Field Club at North Queensland Stadium.

17. A $215 per seat deposit is required to secure each seat for a 2020 Club 95 season membership as part of the Rolling Renewal process.  The balance of a Club 95 season membership acquired through the Rolling Renewal process will be deducted on 15 November 2019 or, if paying by instalments, the balance will be deducted over 5 equal payments on the 15th of each month commencing on 15 November 2019 and ending on 15 March 2020.

Overview of the Rolling Renewal process for season memberships

18. Rolling Renewal of season membership is a convenient way for you to secure and pay for your season membership from season-to-season without having to re-apply or provide your card details each time.  You can allow your season membership to be automatically paid for and rolled-over into the same membership category for the following season using the same payment method that you provided for the previous season’s membership. 

19. Season members that use our Rolling Renewal process also have seating priority over members of the general public that apply for new season membership at North Queensland Stadium.  This is because the window for applications for new season members only opens after existing season members that use the Rolling Renewal process have finalised their seat selections.

20. Subject to availability (including due to changes to stadium configuration and seating availability), our Rolling Renewal process also provides you with the ability to retain your seating position at North Queensland Stadium between the 2020 and 2021 season (i.e. subject to seat availability, you will be offered the same seats, which you can then secure ahead of anyone else by allowing your season membership fees to be deducted by us as part of the Rolling Renewal process).

21. In the unlikely event that we are not able to offer you the same seats that you have selected and paid for as part of your 2020 season membership (e.g. due to a seat, bay or grandstand at the stadium being closed or ceasing to be available for whatever reason), we will offer you alternative seats for the 2021 season as part of the Rolling Renewal process.  You will have the option of accepting the seats we offer to you, selecting from other available seats for your membership category or not proceeding with your Rolling Renewal.

22. Unless you opt out of the Rolling Renewal process (see clauses 28 to 30 below), we will give you advance written notice of the Rolling Renewal window for renewing your membership into the following season and provide you with other details about the Rolling Renewal process, including membership pricing for the new season, membership entitlements, seat selection for the new season and how to opt-out of the Rolling Renewal process.

Paying for season membership

23. Rolling Renewal is only available for season memberships paid for by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or by a Visa or MasterCard debit card.

24. Season membership may also be paid for by Cash, Eftpos or Cheque however members paying by these payment methods will not receive the benefits of, or be part of, our Rolling Renewal process.   Membership paid for by these methods will lapse at the end of the membership, the member will not be offered priority seating that occurs as part of the Rolling Renewal process and the member will need to reapply for membership for the new season.

25. You should only apply for season membership if you are the card holder or with the authority of the card holder.  If you are not the card holder and you apply or have applied for season membership, you represent and warrant to us that you have the authority of the card holder to do so.

26. Don’t worry if you change credit or debit cards - our Rolling Renewal process gives you the ability to use a different card as long as you let us know in advance of the due date for payment and your new card is one of the types of card referred to in clause 24, above.  You can update your card details at any time via your membership account (please allow at least 5 business days for your payment method to be updated prior to any membership payment becoming payable).  We will also remind you how to update your card details when we send you Rolling Renewal notices.

27. Clauses 41 to 47 below apply if you elect to pay for your season membership by monthly instalment payments.

Opting-out of the Rolling Renewal process

28. You can opt‑out of the Rolling Renewal process at any time by writing to us prior to 1 September 2020, requesting to opt-out of the Rolling Renewal process by email to or by post to P.O. Box 577, Thuringowa Central, Qld, 4817.  We will also remind you about how to opt-out when we write to you about the Rolling Renewal window for your season membership.

29. However, please note that, if you opt-out of the Rolling Renewal process:

a. you will not receive any Rolling Renewal notices or reminders and we will not reserve your current membership seats for the following season; and

b. if, after opting out, you subsequently decide that you want a season membership for any subsequent season:

i. you will need to go through the membership application process again (including re-entering your personal and payment details);

ii. you will only be able to apply for season membership and select from available seats for that membership after the Rolling Renewal process for members in that membership category has been completed (seating choice may therefore be limited); and

iii. if you acquire a new season membership, that membership will be subject to the Rolling Renewal process unless you opt‑out.

30. Notifications to opt‑out of the Rolling Renewal process cannot be given over the phone.

Rolling Renewal from your 2019 season membership to a 2020 season membership

31. The North Queensland Stadium is on track to be completed for the first home game of the 2020 season, subject to construction timelines led by the Department of Housing and Public Works and operational completion led by Stadiums Queensland. It is anticipated that the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys will hold all home games at North Queensland Stadium for the 2020 season.   The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys does not own or operate the North Queensland Stadium.

32. Due to new seating allocations having to be made for the North Queensland Stadium (which is still under construction at the date these Terms & Conditions were published), our usual Rolling Renewal process needs to adapt to account for the migration of members to seats in the new stadium.   To find out more about our approach to the migration to the new stadium with respect to seat allocation, please click here: Member transition principles

33. If you are a 2019 Diamond, Platinum or Gold season member and you want a 2020 season membership for the same membership category with seats at the new North Queensland Stadium, you will need to pay a $50 per seat deposit to secure your seats at the new North Queensland Stadium.  It is not anticipated that this deposit requirement will apply to seat selection for any seasons after the 2020 season (only for the transition from the 2019 season at 1300SMILES stadium to the 2020 season at North Queensland Stadium).

34. If you are a 2019 Diamond, Platinum or Gold season member and you want to upgrade to become a Club 95 member or purchase an additional Club 95 membership, the deposit is $215 per seat.  You can also request additional seats in the Club 95 section of the new North Queensland Stadium as part of the Rolling Renewal process.

35. If you are a 2019 Diamond, Platinum or Gold season member, we will send you a written notice by email or letter to the contact details that you provided in your membership application or which you have previously updated online via your membership account.  The notice will provide you with: (i) the price for your 2020 season membership; (ii) the ‘best‑equivalent’ seat(s) that we can offer you at the new North Queensland Stadium for the 2020 season (click here to learn more about best-equivalent seat offers and our principles for migration to the new North Queensland Stadium); and (iii) a 14 day period from the date of the email or letter to:

a. select and confirm your seats at North Queensland Stadium (either the ‘best‑equivalent’ seat(s) we offer you or other seats available to you based on your membership category or a category that you wish to upgrade to); and

b. either pay your $50 per seat deposit (or $215 per seat for upgrade to ‘Club 95’) and elect to pay the balance of your membership fee by monthly instalments (instalment payments are not available for ‘Supporter’ season membership, which must be paid in full) or pay your membership price in full.  See below for instalment payment terms.

36. If you do not make your seat selection and required payment within the 14 day period (i.e pay your $50 per seat deposit and elect to pay the balance of your membership fee by instalments or to pay your membership price in full), the ‘best-equivalent’ seat(s) that we offer to you will cease to be reserved for you and will be made available to other members.  Instalment plan terms are set out in clauses 41 to 48 of these Terms & Conditions.

Rolling Renewal from your 2020 season membership to a 2021 season membership

37. Payments for Rolling Renewal from your 2020 season membership to a 2021 season membership will occur on or around 15 October 2020.  

38. On or around 30 August 2020, you will receive written notice by email or letter to your address supplied with your membership application (or as updated by you in your membership account or by you notifying us under clause 40, below).  The notice will provide: (i) the seats we can offer you for the 2021 season; (ii) the price for 2021 season membership (based on your current category or membership); and (iii) a 14 day opt-out period during which you can notify us that you do not want to proceed with your Rolling Renewal to the following season’s membership (i.e not have us deduct your new season membership fees from your credit or debit card).  If you do not opt-out during or prior to the opt-out window, we will deduct you membership fees for the following season from the card that we have on record for your membership.

39. If you have a 2020 season membership, you can opt-out of the Rolling Renewal from your 2020 season membership into a 2021 season membership in accordance with the procedure in clause 29.

40. You agree to keep your contact details up-to-date so that we can communicate effectively with you about Rolling Renewal and keep you informed about other matters. You can update your contact details by logging into the membership portal and updating your details or you can email the membership team at with your new details and we can update your details on your behalf.

Monthly instalment payments for season membership

41. Once the per seat deposit is paid (for 2020 membership), the first instalment of the remaining 9 payments will be deducted on or around 15 November 2019.  The remaining 8 payments will be deducted on or around the 15th of each month (December to July).

42. If you apply for 2020 season membership after 15 November 2019 and want to pay on a monthly instalment basis, you will need to pay ‘catch up’ payments that total the amount you would have been required to pay if you had applied prior to 15 November 2019.

43. Instalment payment plans are only available for full Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Club 95 season memberships, not for any other types of membership, such as supporter membership.

44. Payment for merchandise cannot be incorporated in your season membership instalment plan and will be charged separately by the Cowboys Leagues Club Team Shop.

45. Once established, your instalment payment schedule is fixed and may not be varied or suspended by you unless agreed in writing by us.

46. To help you reconcile your membership payment, deductions for your season membership fees on your credit card or bank statements will include the payment description “Cowboys Membership, Kirwan”.

47. If any payment for your season membership instalment plan is declined by your card issuer, we will attempt to deduct the amount again within 48 hours after the declined payment.  If this second deduction is also declined or dishonoured, your season membership and all the entitlements (including your selected seating) will be suspended until your instalment payments are brought up-to-date.

Terms applicable to Team Shop Vouchers provided with membership

48. If your season membership entitlements include a Team Shop Voucher, you can elect to receive either an online or in-person Team Shop merchandise voucher.

49. The online voucher can only be redeemed online at by entering your unique voucher code into the ‘promo code’ section on the check-out page.

50. The voucher must be used in one transaction and no change or voucher for the balance will be given.

51. The in-person voucher can only be redeemed at the Cowboys Team Shop located at the Cowboys Leagues Club or at the merchandise stands/van on game days.

52. Only one voucher can be used per transaction.

53. The voucher is not valid for use on sale items.  

54. 2020 vouchers are valid until 31/08/2020.

General terms

55. All prices set out on this website and these Term & Conditions are GST-inclusive.

56. You must pay for your season membership at the time your membership is renewed under the Rolling Renewal process or when you apply for the membership.  You can pay in full or using a payment instalment plan.

57. Memberships purchased after the first 2020 home game for the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys at the North Queensland Stadium will not be priced on a pro-rata basis and will be charged at the full season membership price published on the website unless otherwise offered by us.

58. Members of the general public that apply to become a new member will be offered seats in what we consider to be the best available seats based on when the membership application is received (i.e. allocation is on a “first in, first served” basis).  If you want to apply to become a new member, you can select your seat using the interactive seating map at the time of purchasing your membership through our website.

59. Any requests for changes to seating allocation must be made in writing to the Membership Team by emailing prior to Home Game Two 2020.  Once you have selected your seating as a new member or through the Rolling Renewal process, you cannot change your seat during that season after Home Game Two of the 2020 season through to the end of that season.  However, you will be given the option to select from available seating during the Rolling Renewal process for renewing your 2020 season membership into the 2021 season.  Available seats in the part of the North Queensland Stadium corresponding to your membership category may be limited.

60. Season seat allocation is only valid for Cowboys home games at North Queensland Stadium for the applicable membership season.  Seats are not guaranteed for any other event or venue, including the NRL Finals series held at North Queensland Stadium and tickets must be purchased separately through the ticketing provider for these events.  You agree to comply with the terms of the ticket issuer for those events.

61. Refund of membership is not permitted for change of mind or for changes in personal circumstances.  Where a member has a right to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law, a refund will be provided.  The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys reserves the right to require the return of any merchandise supplied as part of a membership package as a precondition of providing a full or partial refund of membership fees or, in the event that the member cannot or does not return the merchandise, the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys will deduct the cost of the merchandise from the refund amount.

62. All members agree to the terms of entry of North Queensland Stadium as may be amended by the owner or operator of North Queensland Stadium from time to time.  We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your season membership, including season tickets, if you breach the terms of entry of North Queensland Stadium, breach the Cowboys Members & Fans Code of Conduct (refer to or have been removed by security or police from North Queensland Stadium.

63. We are not the owners or operators of North Queensland Stadium.  We do not make any representation or warranty that your seat at the stadium (whether reserved or unreserved) will be unaffected by weather events or other ‘acts of God’, such as rain, storms or flooding that may occur before, during or after a game or event.  You acknowledge and agree that weather events and ‘acts of God’ are beyond our control and may impact on your enjoyment of, or ability to watch, an event or game.  We do not offer refunds for such weather events or ‘acts of God’.

64. The North Queensland Toyota Cowboys accepts government-issued companion cards for full season members.  If you hold a companion card, contact the Cowboys Membership Team on 1300 GO COWBOYS (1300 462 692 – press 1) to arrange your membership.  You will need to submit a photocopy of your companion card with your membership application.

65. Valid concessions include Pensioner Concession Card Aged, Full-time Student Card, Service Pension, TPI and Companion Cards. All members must supply proof of eligibility for a concession rate when applying for a membership.

66. For the purposes of membership:

a. a child is a person 5 to 15 years of age (inclusive) as at the time of the membership is purchased; and

b. a family is classified as 2 adults and 2 children (as defined in section 12).

67. A fee of $15 per season membership card will apply for lost or stolen cards/tickets and also for requests for paper season (Diamond, Platinum, & Gold) tickets.  All season tickets will be issued as plastic cards unless paper is requested at the time of payment/submission of form.

68. The North Queensland Toyota Club’s primary means of communication is email however we may also need to contact you by phone or other methods about matters relating to your membership.  You must inform us of any changes to your contact details and make sure your contact details are complete and correct.

69. When you join as a member, you consent to receiving:

a. club updates and offers;

b. sponsor and partner offers; and

c. NRL ticketing offers (see clause 74, below).

You can unsubscribe or change your preferences for the types of emails you receive by following the link to the preference centre at the bottom of any Cowboys’ email.

70. If you are over 18 and a 2020 member, you will receive a complimentary membership to the Cowboys Leagues Club ( valued at $11.  Members that purchase their 2020 membership through the Rolling Renewal process will receive their Cowboys Leagues Club membership card in the post by approximately 1 November 2019.  Members that purchase their 2020 membership after 1 November 2019 or outside the Rolling Renewal process will receive their Cowboys Leagues Club membership card in the post within approximately 1 month of paying their 2020 seat deposit or paying for their 2020 membership in full. You must provide your full date of birth with your membership application and in your membership account so we can verify your age.  A person can only hold one Leagues Club membership.  Your Leagues Club membership is valid until 31 October 2020 and is subject to the conditions of entry for the Leagues Club, which you can read here: Entry requirements

71. Season membership (and Leagues Club membership) cannot be transferred to another person or listed in a family or company name. 

72. From time to time the NRL releases tickets to members of all NRL clubs for a variety of events – including State of Origin, International Tests, NRL Finals series and the NRL Grand Final – prior to those tickets going on sale to the general public.  These offers are subject to their own terms and conditions and these Terms & Conditions do not apply to those events.  The Cowboys does not make any representation or give any warranty on behalf of the promoter of those in relation to these.  Purchase entitlement codes are required to secure tickets for these types of events.  These offers will be communicated electronically.

73. It is a condition of financial membership that members give consent to Cowboys Rugby League Football Limited, its affiliates and agents, to use their image and likeness and/or any interview statements from members in its publications, advertising or other media activities (including the Internet), without compensation or other remuneration, now or in the future.  By signing up for a membership, you provide this consent, and you represent that any others on whose behalf you are obtaining a membership (e.g. family members) also give the same consent.

74. We will need to collect personal information from you and persons on your membership account (such as your name, age and contact details).  In providing this information to us, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy, which you can view here: Privacy Policy