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Member transition


Here's how we'll travel to the Queensland Country Bank Stadium, our new gathering place in 2020.

Membership Transition Guiding Principles for your 'best-equivalent' seat:

Terms & conditions

Stage 1

Club makes 'best-equivalent' seat offers to 2019 full season members who have not opted out of Rolling Renewal. Learn more about 'best-equivalent' seating.

The seating offers are for the 2020 season at the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium and will be made in the following order and phases.

Phase 1: Diamond Tier 1 & 2

Phase 2: Diamond Tier 3

Phase 3: Platinum Tier 1 & 2

Phase 4: Gold Reserved

Phase 5: Gold Unreserved

During each of the phases above, the following steps apply (once each step is completed for a phase, the next phase commences):

Step 1: Member receives invoice for their 2020 membership.

Step 2: Member logs into their MyCowboys account.

Step 3: Member accepts 'best-equivalent' seat offer or selects a different seat from other available seating options at North Queensland Stadium.

Step 4: Member processes deposit and payment within 14 days (see stage 3 below for more details).

Step 5: Member may request additional seats within 14 days (see stage 4 & 5 below for more details).

Step 6: Window for membership renewal and seat selection closes for the phase.

Stage 3 

Member confirms seat selection by paying a per-seat deposit within 14-day period* electing to pay their membership fee by instalments or paying in full.

Option 1: Member selects part-payment (if wishing to pay their membership by instalments) and pays $50 per seat deposit (with the next payment deducted on 15 November 2019). 

Option 2: Member selects full payment (if electing to pay in full) and pays $50 per seat deposit (with the balance of membership fees deducted on 15 November 2019).

*IMPORTANT: If a member does not confirm their seat selection (whether 'best-equivalent' seat offered to them or another available seat) by paying the per-seat deposit within the 14-day window, that member’s 'best-equivalent' seat will be released and offered for sale to other season members within that membership category.

Stage 4 

Member may request additional seats within the 14-day period of receiving their 'best-equivalent' seating offer but only if the member has already made their seat selection and paid their per-seat deposit.

Step 1: Member completes additional seat online form (link in best-equivalent seat offer).

Step 2: Cowboys contact member in due course to discuss their options.

Step 3: Club processes additional seat requests at end of each phase in Stage 2 above by contacting member, confirming seat selection and collecting payment of additional deposits or advising that additional seat request cannot be granted.

Stage 5

Multi-game, single game & supporter members upgrade window opens

Step 1: Member receives email alert that upgrade window is open.

Step 2: Member views full season membership options via the website. 

Step 3: Member logs into their MyCowboys account.

Step 4: Member purchases any available full season seat by selecting instalment plan and paying first instalment OR paying in full.

Stage 6

Pre-sale registrations:

Early bird access to full season seats before the general public!* (late November)

Stage 7

2020 full season membership go on sale to public (early December).


Pay a $50 deposit now to access the late November pre-sale window.

Please note: the pre-sales window will not impact our current 2019 members’ access to their best-equivalent seat nor their opportunity to upgrade seats.