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Stadium seating comparison

Full season members should refer to the comparison below for bay locations between 1300SMILES Stadium and Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

(Numbers aligned to each venue refer to bay numbers.)

Diamond Star

Grandstand 1300SMILES Stadium NQ Stadium
Western (Tier 1*) 6-9 102-104, 109-111
Western (Tier 2*) 1-5, 10-12 100-101, 112-113
Eastern Terrace (Tier 3*) 113-123 124-128

Platinum Star

Grandstand 1300SMILES Stadium NQ Stadium
Eastern (Tier 1*) 110-112, 124-126, 223-225, 210-212, 312-316 123 & 129, 225-228
Eastern (Tier 2*) 310-311, 317-318 121-122, 130-131, 223-224, 229-231

Gold Star (Reserved)

Grandstand 1300SMILES Stadium NQ Stadium
Northern 301-306 117-120
Southern 330-334 132-137, 235-238

Gold (Unreserved)

Area 1300SMILES Stadium NQ Stadium
General Admission Grassed hills 114-116

*Please note: To ensure that all members receive their best-equivalent seat in terms of field position and due to the different configuration of the new stadium, some members may be transitioned to a different tier within a category (for example, from Diamond Tier 2 to Diamond Tier 1). However, those members will still have the option to move to available seating within their category once they receive their best-equivalent seating notification.

To learn more about our principles for the transition process, including what best-equivalent seating means, please review our member transition principles.

To view a detailed map of the ground including bay numbers, download the Stadium Map pdf