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Why do you ride with the Cowboys?

We asked our 2022 members why they ride with the Cowboys. Here's what they had to say!

Rosyln Eatts, Hughenden, QLD: “We drive in from Hughenden for every home game because we love the team and the atmosphere. As full season members we’ve formed friendships with people who’ve sat in the same seats around us for years.”

Abigail and Cooper Hartmann, Port Hedland, WA: “We like being Rising Stars because we love the Cowboys. We like to watch them play and that they win sometimes. We also love Bluey.”

Scott Stidson, Townsville, QLD: “I’ve been a Cowboys member since their first game. The Cowboys support the local community and the region. They also give home grown talent opportunities to compete at the highest level without having to move elsewhere.”

Josh Elmer, Townsville, QLD: “After following the Cowboys for many years I’ve signed up as a full season member because I’m moving to Townsville. The feeling of being a Cowboys member is like being part of one big family. We ride the highs and lows together and no matter what we always support our boys.”

Gary Highland, Manly, NSW: “I grew up in Townsville but now live in Sydney. Being a Distant Star member helps me stay connected to my team and my town.”