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Morgan: Why should they miss out because of online abuse

Earlier this week North Queensland Toyota Cowboys co-captain Michael Morgan once again joined Triple M to co-host 'The Rush Hour Queensland'.

Following the news over the weekend of Sydney Roosters centre Josh Morris receiving abusive messages on social media, Morgan discussed the effect it can have on younger players. 

"I honestly don't understand how you can feel the need to try and abuse a player online," Morgan said. 

"I know player's partners have copped the online abuse as well. It's a pretty weak way to do things. 

"You can go to a Facebook post, make a comment and it takes five seconds out of your life, but those words can hurt more than what people think. It would be really hard for those young players coming through not to be influenced by what people say. 

"I know these people don't know me as a father, as a husband, or as a friend. They judge an 80-minute performance and they think they have the right to tell me who I am, what I am doing wrong, and what I should be doing."

"Why should you miss out on [using social media] because you are being bagged on it. The easier thing to do is just don't say something online you wouldn't say to someone's face."

>>> Listen to the full interview here