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The Cowboys Community Foundation is pleased to introduce Weather Lottery as the charity's inaugural fundraising partner. 

“As the only not-for-profit online charity lottery that donates all profits directly to its charity partners, Weather Lottery is a natural fit for the Cowboys Community Foundation,” Toyota Cowboys CEO Greg Tonner said.

Weather Lottery is the first not-for-profit online charity lottery in Australia with all profits donated directly to charity.

How to play Weather Lottery

Weather Lottery offers players a new and entertaining way to support charities, while also giving them the chance to win up to $1 million every week.

Playing Weather Lottery is easy – just pick seven numbers between 0 and 9. To win, these numbers (in order) need to match the decimal point of the temperature in each Australian capital city at 12 noon on the day of the lottery. For example, if you think the temperature in Perth will be 24.8 degrees, then the number you enter for Perth would be 8.

If all seven numbers in order are correct, players will win $1 million. If six numbers in order are correct players will win $25,000 and players can win from as little as two matching numbers. Winning numbers are taken from Bureau of Meteorology recorded temperatures at 12 noon each week day.

Weather Lottery is played every week day – play on Monday to support the Cowboys Community Foundation!

For more information and to play, go to