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Murray Taulagi



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189 cm
93 kg
Date of Birth:
12 March 1999
Auckland, NZ
Previous Club:
Junior Club:
Otahuhu Rugby Union

Still eligible for under 20s and in just his second full season of rugby league, Murray Taulagi emerged as one of the brightest talents in rugby league in 2018.

The 19-year-old spent the entire season wreaking havoc on the wing for the Cowboys feeder club the Northern Pride in the Queensland Cup.

Between Rounds 11 and 15 Taulagi scored tries in five consecutive games, with his Round 12 performance standing out as his finest of the season.

Taulagi capped off an outstanding season by representing the Queensland under 20s in their landmark victory over NSW and the Junior Kangaroos in their triumph over the Junior Kiwis.


Favourite movie: Remember the Titans
Favourite sports team: Boston Celtics
Favourite athlete growing up: Dan Carter
Who would play you in a movie?: Michael B Jordan
If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Pasta
Most ridiculous fact you know: Flamingos bend their legs at their ankles, not their knees
Run on song: Dakini Tanarareh – Jarol Local
Event you would most like to attend: Tomorrowland
One superpower: Shape shifter
Childhood career ambition: A rugby player
Pre-game meal: Fruits
Favourite joke: What is Postman Pat’s name after he gets fired?.... Pat
One word to describe yourself: Unique


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