Member transition principles



We highly value the contribution our members make to our club and as a result are committed to ensuring that your journey to our new stadium is both rewarding and transparent.

Here is how we will ensure this:

1. We will deliver your best-equivalent seat.

Allowing for differences in aisle locations, row length and bay seating capacities, you will be placed as near as possible to the same field position (not your position within the bay) that you have now, with the people who are currently included in your membership account.

Please note as there are considerably fewer aisle seats in the new stadium, we will only be able to allocate aisles to those who submit a medical requirement.

2. We will reward your loyalty.

  • Current full season members will receive the first opportunity to secure their best-equivalent seat in the new stadium.
  • Current members will receive the option to upgrade seats or add additional seats before non-members.

3. We will operate with fairness.

  • Full season members will not be able to upgrade their membership category until all members currently in that category have had the opportunity to confirm or relinquish their best-equivalent seat.
  • Access windows for upgrades and additional seats will be based on current membership category held.

4. We will ensure continued club growth.

The club must explore opportunities to entice new audiences and future generations; however, current members will receive communication on these opportunities before non-members.