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North Queensland Stadium FAQs


Will there be grassed hills in the new venue?

Early in the design process, the inclusion of a grassy hill at the northern end of the stadium was considered. This has now been replaced with structured open seating and standing areas that will: (1) Maintain a relaxed and informal atmosphere; (2) Ensure patrons are provided with a safe, comfortable and accessible facility; (3) Provide better sight lines to the field of play. A grassed northern parkland and plaza that forms part of the northern entry will provide a space for friends and family to meet before entering the stadium.

Will there be seating around the tunnel?

Reconfiguration of the tunnel area has altered the number of seats available adjacent to this area. New tunnel design limits access to team areas and will provide greater security for players/teams, in keeping with contemporary venue requirements. A seating map is expected to be available by mid-2019.

What will happen with my reserved seat?

The club’s 2020 membership program is still in planning phase; as work continues on the new stadium seating configuration, more details will become available. The club will communicate the process for migrating 2019 members with reserved seats to the new stadium in April 2019. The best way to guarantee access to a ‘best-equivalent’ seat is to renew or join as a full season member in 2019.

How will you determine my 'best-equivalent' seat for the 2020 stadium?

The membership team will be determining each member’s ‘best-equivalent’ seat in the new North Queensland Stadium based on your 2019 seat’s field position within 1300SMILES Stadium, compared to the seating configuration of the new stadium. The final location of your seat for 2020 will be based on personal communication with you from the membership team by mid-2019.

What is the process for members to secure their ‘best-equivalent’ seating for 2020?

The Cowboys membership team are working closely with the stadium project team and Stadiums Queensland on the seating configuration in the new stadium. Full details on the process for 2019 full season members to be migrated to their ‘best-equivalent’ seat for 2020 will be communicated to members in April 2019. This process will introduce seating groups and seating group captains, where members (families or individuals) who currently sit together in groups (eg friend or family groups) can nominate to be moved over to the new stadium in the same group. From there, the membership team will allocate ‘best-equivalent’ seats based on  field position in the current venue. Members will then be notified of their ‘best-equivalent’ seat and asked to secure their seat with an early confirmation booking and small deposit. Final confirmation of package pricing and inclusions will be available in mid-2019, with members to confirm their 2020 membership at this time.

Will all membership categories be receiving best equivalent seating?

While the seating configuration of the new stadium is different to 1300SMILES Stadium, the membership team is working through making sure all 2019 full season members, regardless of membership category, will receive their best-equivalent seating.

What seats will I be allocated for 2020 if my 2019 full season tickets are on the grass?

Based on the new configuration there will be no grass seats in the new stadium. The membership team will communicate with 2019 full season general admission members by mid-2019 on their transition into the new venue. 

I am a 2019 member but not a full season member – do I get access to best-equivalent seating?

First priority access to best-equivalent seating for 2020 will be offered to 2019 full season (Diamond, Platinum, Gold Star members) only. Six-game and three-game members will have the opportunity to secure their seats for the 2020 membership during a second-priority window in mid-2019. Seating priority in the new stadium will be given in the order of: (1) 2019 renewing full season members; (2) 2019 renewing six and three-game members; (3) remaining 2019 members; and (4) 2020 new members.

What will ticketed membership packages for the new stadium look like?

Planning for 2020 ticketed membership packages is currently in progress and will incorporate seating options in the Western, Eastern and Southern grandstands, and Northern terrace. Packages will include a wide range of price points to suit members’ budgets and needs.

What disabled facilities will be available for disabled access, including lifts?

The stadium has been designed in compliance with the National Construction Code and the Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards, with entry points via lifts in the Western, Southern and Eastern grandstands and ramp access from the northern entrance.

Will there be a non-alcohol bay in the new stadium?

The seating plan in the new stadium will be designed to accommodate a range of seating preferences, including non-alcohol areas. Full-season members with 2019 seats in non-alcohol areas at 1300SMILES Stadium will be given first option to secure their ‘best-equivalent’ seat in a non-alcohol area as part of the member transition process.

Will there be an exclusive members bar at the new stadium?

Planning is still in progress for patron amenities in the new venue, and the Cowboys are in discussions with the stadium project team regarding a members-only area. Details will be released as available.

Which ticketing agent will service the new stadium?

Ticketmaster has been named the official ticketing agent for the North Queensland Stadium.

The North Queensland Stadium is a joint project of the Queensland Government, Australian Government and Townsville City Council and is supported by both the National Rugby League and the North Queensland Cowboys. The stadium forms part of the Townsville City Deal signed in December 2016.