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We received this email for Jordan Kahu on Monday from a Cowboys fan who attended Saturday afternoon's game against the Knights in Newcastle.


I just wanted to send a massive thank you to your team and in particular Jordan Kahu.

I am hoping that you could please pass the thanks on to him also.

Saturday night after the Newcastle v Cowboys game, Jordan came out and signed some autographs and took some pics. 

One of those was with my daughter, Sienna. Jordan is her sports idol. 

As he was getting on the bus he called out to her, asking her name and passed his boots thru the fence. 

To him this was probably a simple act. To my daughter it has changed her whole world. Footy is her whole life.

She plays for under 11s here in Cessnock and is subjected to so much discrimination, sometimes feeling down and like she doesn't deserve to play or shouldn't as she's a girl, but then she watches the Cowboys and wants to be just like Jordan as a player. 

She slept with the boots beside her and has literally not put them down since she received them. 

The smile on her face is contagious. 

She keeps saying that not only does she want to be like him as a footy player but as a person.

He was so humble and kind. 

So a massive, massive thank you to your players and to Jordan Kahu, as this has impacted Sienna in a positive way and for that I am grateful. 

Kind regards,