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This article appeared in Issue 3 of the 'Cowboys Round Up' magazine in 1995. 

Lynne and Greg McDonald have made the ultimate commitment to the XXXX Cowboys - they named one of their children after the Cowboys' first try scorer. 

Little Damian McDonald will have his own little place in history, according to the McDonalds, besides the XXXX Cowboys' inaugural first grade Winfield Cup try-scorer Damian Gibson.

Greg came up with the idea to name their son after a XXXX Cowboys try-scorer because Lynne kept asking him to come up with a name. 

Lynne warmed to the suggestion immediately and they soon decided if they had a boy he would be named after the inaugural try scorer in first grade.

Little Damian's grandmother Noeleen jokes there was never so many people so interested in who would be the first try scorer. 

When little Damian was born, a midwife made a comment that he looked like he could be a front-row forward for the Cowboys.

Little did she know he was actually named after a Cowboy, although Cowboy Damian believes his namesake would be better placed in the back row. 

"It would be better for him to be a backrower," Damian said. "He'll get too beat up in the front row."

For Cowboy Damian's part, he said he was very excited about the fact a child has been named after him. 

"When I found out I rang up my Mum to tell her," he said. "I couldn't believe it. It's an honour."

Little Damian's middle name is Allan - after Allan Langer who is a favourite player of Mums.

One thing is for certain, the family of Damian Allan will certainly have a good story to tell come his 21st birthday. 

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