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How to get leave for the XXXX Derby

Don't want to miss out on the Cowboys v Broncos match this Thursday? 

Passionate Cowboys member Kate Cornish with a sample letter to the boss for  supporters from far and wide:

Name: [insert here]
Reason for leave: Cowboys v Broncos 
Additional comments to support your application for leave:

I write to request time off work so that I may attend Cowboys v Broncos game on Thursday 8 August 2019, to be played at 1300SMILES Stadium.

To be clear, this is not just any game.

This is the all-in Queensland XXXX Derby, and the Cowboys have a score to settle.

You see in Round 2, back in March, we were defeated by a bucking Broncos team at Suncorp Stadium.

I ask you to also take into consideration that this will be the last time that we are able to beat the Broncos at 1300SMILES Stadium, as you know the Cowboys will have a new home stadium next season, (oh, I will also need time off for the first home game in 2020, but we can talk about that later!).

So, you can see missing this game is simply not an option. Cowboys fans count down the weeks, days and minutes to the derbies against the Broncos – they are marked out on the calendar the moment the draw is released; we are ready, even before the first ball of the season has been kicked.

You see, supporting the Cowboys is not a hobby, it is a way of life. Once the season starts and we’ve saddled up and gathered the muster, we are on the ride until the end. We believe and we belong and we stay in the fight. Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than a win at home against the Broncos.

Another point for your consideration, Matt Scott (Thumper, as he is known to Cowboys fans) has recently announced that he will retire at the end of the season, and while this news is devastating for Cowboys fans (as we are still getting over JT!), there is now only a limited amount of home games left in which I will get to see him play, surely my leave must be approved on this fact alone?

In addition to my comment above, Thumper is one of the greatest Cowboys to ever wear the jersey. He has represented our mighty club for 16 years and played 263 games. He is a Cowboys life member and was instrumental to our maiden premiership in 2015, (which as you know was against the Broncos).

It is my right as a fan to see him get a proper send off, and one last win against the Broncos would be a great start!

One last important piece of information to support my application - I have made a huge sign in anticipation of you approving this leave. It reads “My boss is awesome and let me have the day off work to come to the game!” I will almost certainly get on the tele with this beauty and if I do, I promise to wave.

P.S If you approve my leave, I guarantee to bring you back some Cowboys merchandise. I know you claim to support another club, but I have seen the Cowboys mug you hide in your draw and I know you have signed photo of JT in your daily planner, to say nothing of your Gavin Cooper screen saver. Honestly, the whole office knows and we’ve all chipped in and got you a Cowboys bed cover for your birthday.

P.P.S Don’t forget to act surprised when Sally gives it to you, she will kill me if she knows I’ve ruined the surprise.

Kind regards, 

[Insert name here]

Get your tickets: 

Be there for the XXXX Derby show-down when gates open at 3:45pm on Thursday 8 August >>> book now!