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Q-Cup team lists: Round 1

12 North Queensland Toyota Cowboys contracted players have been named for the opening round of the Queensland Cup kicking off this weekend. 

PART 1: Feeder club allocation: Mackay Cutters

PART 2: Feeder club allocation: Northern Pride

PART 3: Feeder club allocation: Townsville Blackhawks 

Carlin Anderson, Dan Russell, Emry Pere, Reuben Cotter, Shane Wright and Logan Bayliss-Brow have all been named for the Mackay Cutters clash against Easts Tigers at Langlands Park on Saturday night. 

2019 recruit Nene Macdonald, along with Enari Tuala, Gideon Gela-Mosby, Jake Clifford and Peter Hola have also been named for the Northern Pride in their home opener against the defending premier Redcliffe Dolphins on Saturday night. 

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Tom Gilbert is set to start at lock for the Townsville Blackhawks against the Ipswich Jets in the Channel 9 TV game on Sunday. 

Mackay Cutters team list
v Easts Tigers
Saturday, March 9 - 4:30pm - Langlands Park

1. Carlin Anderson

2. Yamba Bowie

3. Dan Russell

4. Blake Atherton

5. Marcus Jensen

6. Jack Hickson

7. Cooper Bambling

8. Emry Pere

9. Reuben Cotter

10. Ross Bella

11. Shane Wright

12. Brenden Treston

13. Jordan Kenworthy

14. Kellen Jenner

15. David Munro

16. Alex Gerrard

17. Logan Bayliss Brow

18. Salafuauli Falelua-Malio

19. Marcus Jensen

Northern Pride team list
v Redcliffe Dolphins
Saturday, March 9 - 6:00pm - Barlow Park

1. Jack Murphy

2. Nene MacDonald

3. Shawn Bowen

4. Enari Tuala

5. Gideon Gela-Mosby

6. Jake Clifford

7. Jordan Biondi-Odo

8. Aidan Day

9. Connor Jones

10. Will Bugden

11. Hugh Sedger

12. Tom Hancock (c)

13. Peter Hola

14. Denzel King

15. Cameron Torpy

16. Matolu Laumea

17. Maurice Blair

18. Jack Campagnolo

19. Matthew Musumeci

20. Bradley Stephen.

Townsville Blackhawks team list
v Ipswich Jets
Sunday, March 10 - 12:10pm - North Ipswich Reserve 

1. Zac Santo

2. Michael Carroll

3. Shaun Hudson

4. Levi Dodd

5. Kalifa Faifai Loa

6. Kyle Laybutt

7. Michael Parker-Walshe

8. Joe Boyce

9. Krys Freeman

15. Andrew Niemoller

11. Jake Marketo

12. Temone Power

13. Tom Gilbert

14. Shaun Nona

16. Rod Griffin

17. Ryan Lloyd

22. Sione Lousi