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Dallas Johnson
Business Development and Community Ambassador
North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

6am: Girls wake me up, I'm out of bed, shower and get ready for the day
7am: Feed the girls and clean up the mess (Weet Bix dries like concrete)
8am: In the car on the way to work – usually on the bike but it depends on the weather!
9am: Check the emails, hopefully a few new corporates on board
9.15am: Planning meeting for footy – boys have a ground work session
10am: Change out of the corporate gear into training clothes
12pm: Shower, clean up, back in the corporate gear, try and fit in a quick bite
1pm: Back at the desk hitting the phone
2pm: More emails and see what community commitments I have on the radar
3pm: Jump in the car, off to sign up a new corporate
4pm: Back on the computer, tidy things up before knock off
5pm: Try to get some exercise – a bit tougher when you don’t actually do it for your job!
6pm: It's go time at the Johnson house, feed the kids, baths and a bit of quiet time with the girls, maybe a book or Inez’s ballet practice replay
7pm: Brush the girls' teeth and off to bed they go. Get dinner together, slaving over the stove after a hard day (I’d like to say that but it's normally Mel who does most of the cooking...).
8pm: Send a few emails for my business, make sure everything is running fine
9pm: Wind down, get ready for bed – lots achieved!