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2020 Full Season Members Ticket Ballot - Rounds 11 & 12

Ticket ballot process for Rounds 11 & 12 

Since successfully welcoming a reduced crowd back to Queensland Country Bank Stadium for the last two home games, we are excited to be able to host our members again at upcoming home games against the Sea Eagles (Rd 11, 6pm Friday 24 July) and the Raiders (Rd 12, 5.30pm Saturday 1 August). 

We don't anticipate that social distancing restrictions will ease in the next few weeks, therefore the crowd size is expected to be similar to our announced crowd for Rd 9 Cowboys v Roosters.  

Although the State Government recently reported that crowds up to 50% of the stadium's capacity could return to games, social distancing restrictions (every second row must be left empty, with gaps between individuals or members within the same account) mean that in reality the allowable figure is closer to 7,500 for Queensland Country Bank Stadium. 

Due to the tight turnaround between our next two home games, all full season members will be automatically entered into the ticket ballots for Rounds 11 and 12 unless you opt-out. 

Rounds 11 & 12 ticket ballot process - Same as Round 9

• All 2020 full season members will be automatically entered into the ticket ballots for Round 11 & 12.

• If you do not want to attend Round 11 and/or 12, you must OPT-OUT from the ballots by logging into your MyCowboys account manager via the link below, before 12pm Thursday 16 July. Please note if you don't opt-out and don't attend, you will incur the fee per seat, detailed below.

• If successful in either ballot, all members in your account can attend the game, i.e. you will receive a ticket for each seat held in your account. 

• Members with single seats will receive a different email and process for the Rounds 11 and 12 ticket ballots. 

• Successful members are able to bring their infants under 12 months of age without a ticket, however children between the age of 1 and 4 must hold a full season membership to attend. 

• If you are selected to attend, due to social distancing requirements you may be seated in a different grandstand and/or bay to your original 2020 membership. 

• Successful members will receive communication from the club on Monday 20 July with information regarding seats, tickets, transport and social distancing requirements. (NB. Mobile tickets will be issued for this game). 

 • The crowds at Rounds 11 & 12 will be comprised of successful full season members from the ticket ballots, as well as a selection of sponsors and corporate members who have purchased facilities on a full season basis. Players' families and Cowboys staff will also be attending the games. 

• This ticket ballot process has been developed for Rounds 11 & 12 only - we will be in touch regarding the process for attendance for subsequent home games. 

• For full terms and conditions relating to this ticket ballot, please see here.



What does this mean for pledging / non-pledging members?

• For members who chose to pledge their membership to the club and who are selected in the ballot to attend either Rounds 11 and 12, there will be no additional charges for attending. 

• If you have not pledged your membership and are selected in the ballot to attend either Rounds 11 and 12, a fee per seat will be deducted as received value from your membership investment that is currently being held by the club. Please note if the amount deducted is more than what is currently being held you will receive a call from the membership team and be required to catch up on payment.

The fee per seat is based on the grandstand location of your allocated seat for these games:

Grandstand Fee per seat 
Western $55
Eastern $40
Southern  $15
Northern  $15

What will game day look like?

 • Due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, it will be necessary to modify your upcoming game day experience: 

 - The field is deemed a 'clean zone' by the NRL, therefore we are unable to offer on-field entertainment (pre-game and during half-time).

- Social distancing restrictions mean we aren't able to provide precinct activations.

- There will be no interaction with players (including no fence walk.

- A limited number of food and beverage outlets will be open in the venue.

- There will be no alcohol-free bays assigned during this match.


If you have any enquiries regarding the process please get in touch with the membership team by emailing or phoning 1300 462 692 (press option 1). Please note we are still operating with reduced staff numbers so you may experience a delay in receiving a response. 

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Cowboys Membership Team