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2020 Full Season Members - Rd11+12 ticket ballots

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys ticket ballot for Rd 11 Cowboys v Sea Eagles, Friday 24 July and Rd 12 Cowboys v Raiders, Saturday 1 August at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

1. The ballot will be conducted by an independent third-party on behalf of Cowboys Rugby League Football Limited. 

2. Entry to the ballot is restricted to all 2020 full season members.

3. Entry to the ballot for 2020 full season members is automatic.

4. Members who do not wish to attend Round 11 Cowboys v Sea Eagles and / or Round 12 Cowboys v Raiders (nor be subsequently charged if successful in receiving tickets as a non-pledging member) must opt-out from the ballot via their online MyCowboys Account Manager before 12pm Thursday 16 July.

5. Members successful in the ballot will receive the equivalent number of tickets as seats held in their membership (E.g. A family membership of four will receive 4 tickets to the game).

5.a. Due to restricted capacity, members with wheel chair seats will receive one wheel chair space and one carer's seat. 

6. If you are selected to attend, due to social distancing requirements you may be seated in a different grandstand and bay to your original 2020 membership seats. 

7. Successful members are able to bring their infants under 12 months of age without a ticket, however children between the age of 1 and 4 must hold a full season membership to attend. (Due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions). 

8. Members must ensure the mobile phone recorded against their membership is up-to-date as tickets for Rd 11 Cowboys v Sea Eagles and Rd 12 Cowboys v Raiders will be issued via your mobile phone. 

9. Successful members will be notified by email on Monday 20 July for Rd 11 and Monday 27 July for Rd 12. 

10. Members who miss out on tickets will not receive confirmation of being unsuccessful.

11. Members will not be able to enter the venue without a valid ticket and there will be no facilities at the venue for re-issuing tickets. 

12. For members who chose to pledge their membership to the club and who are selected in the ballot to attend Rd 11 Cowboys v Sea Eagles and / or Rd 12 Cowboys v Raiders, there will be no additional charges for attending. 

13. If you have not pledged your membership and are selected in the ballot to attend Rd 11 Cowboys v Sea Eagles and / or Rd 12 Cowboys v Raiders, a fee per seat will be deducted as received value from your membership investment that is currently being held by the club.

The fee per seat is based on grandstand location of your allocated seat for this game:

Grandstand Fee per seat
Western $55
Eastern $40
Northern $15
Southern $15