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  • Post-match media: Thurston


    "It's a team sport... They've been outstanding all year, it's all about winning a premiership and I can't be prouder of the boys..."

  • Post-match media: Green


    "It's hard to explain with so many emotions going through, but pride is the biggest one. Just so proud with how the boys have stuck together this year"

  • Press Conference: Cowboys


    "It's hard to put into words how you're feeling and what it means not only for the team, but also for the region..."

  • Post-match media: Scott


    "This is why we do it... it's a reward for all the hard work... I'm just so proud of the team!"

  • Cowboys Team Song


    Hear it here first - North Queensland Toyota Cowboys chant their victory on the podium after receiving the 2015 Premiership trophy!

  • Highlights | Grand Final

    North Queensland Cowboys celebrate 151004096 BC

    The 2015 grand final would have to go down in history as one of the greatest games of rugby league played... see it again!

  • Cowboys Stampede arrive in Sydney


    With seven charter flights leaving Townsville Airport this morning, there are plenty of excited Cowboys fans about to invade Sydney to cheer on our boys!

  • Coach's last words


    "We've been playing well the last two weeks in particular... it was a pretty close game in the first final, and we've improved a lot since then..."

  • Nervous but excited


    "We all had a really good feeling about the group of guys we had here and now its all been set into motion and its all coming together at once..."

  • It's still so surreal


    "Try not to let the feelings and emotions of the week get the best of you, try to keep that under wraps and prepare well...come the weekend..."