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Flags & banners

Cowboys Final RAW D3s 064

Venue manager: Stadiums Queensland

1300SMILES Stadium management acknowledges that banners and flags are part of the atmosphere that is created as part of events held at the stadium.

Given this fact, the venue permits flags and banners to be brought into the venue and waved during appropriate times during the match.

Banners are permitted entry and can be used inside the venue under the following conditions:

  • The banner has no language on it that could be deemed offensive to other patrons or players. (Items include offensive racial, sexual, political, and personal statements. Conflicting hirer or venue sponsor banners are also deemed to be unacceptable.)
  • The banners must not hinder other patrons' enjoyment of the event through obstruction of their view of the field of play or video replay screen. The banner cannot cover any existing venue advertising or directional signage.