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Make your Cowboys pledge to WIN!



Send your pledge of support for our Cowboys, 2017 NRL Grand Finalists, and you could win one of three great prizes: a signed Cowboys jersey (first prize) or a signed football (two runners-up)!

Just fill in the entry form with your pledge message and you're in the draw. We'll also publish some of your pledges on to help the boys over the line on Sunday!


COWBOYS PLEDGES – we'll publish a selection of your pledges here!

Graham Laing, Member #24202: All the best Cowboys what an inspirational effort this year and to make the grand final against all odds will be remembered forever. Cowboys to rule in 2017

Sharryn Foster: Cowboys we believe in you, at the same time you believe in yourselves. To have belief, is to believe in each other. You can beat the Storm, because all of you guys have passion, fire and grit. Go Cowboys!

Joanne Taylor: When you run out on that field know that you're not alone. The whole of North Queensland is with you. GO THE COWBOYS!!!!!!

Denys Reed, Member #54299: You can do it Cowboys! BELIEVE! WE BELIEVE! Take the Thunder out of the STORM!

Belinda Morley: One more hurdle to jump guys, stay in the fight! It'll be a tough one but I believe you can do it. Stay patient. We'll be there to cheer you on.

Narelle Kemper: Win or lose your champions everyone of you. You have and always will be my team . GO THE MIGHTY COWBOYS.

Latesha Abraham: Cowboys are my team and it's my dream to see em at the top! Bring it home boys!!

Dustin Diga: Stay in the fight boys, be there for each other, we're all behind you! Please morgo hit another 40/20 mate, youre on fire buddy!

Joan McKay: With you all the way You can do it Go the Cowboys

Alex Mitchell: Do it for NQ

Amanda Whittingham: You got this Cowboys!! Stay in the fight, we are all behind you 100%

Renae Deguara: Believing you got this all the way cowboys!! Your team spirit and pride will see you to victory #cowboysheartsarebigger #cowboysaremyteam

Damian Edwards: Do your best for all the north!

Telford Tahau: Let's go cowboys I've been a cowboys supporter since my cousin Paul rauhihi been playing and never looked back since we got this cowboys nation come back kings

Scott Clubb: Hey boys, your fairytale isn’t over yet, you have 80 mins to weather the storm...... good luck boys and do it for all of QLD!!!!!

Perry Adamus: We got this boys, do it for the North.

Whitney Smith: Go Cowboys You can get the win. Best of luck all and expecially Innisfail boy Scott Bolton!

Bevan Quinn: Smash the storm out of the park boys.

Kerrie Moss: Reaching for the stars or going through hell, I'm with you all the way!! BRING IT HOME BOYS!!

David Pickering: I'll be at the game to support our boys. We can do this.

Hannah Stephenson: Good luck boys! We’re so proud of the jobs you guys have done - you’ve got this!!!! ❤️❤️

Bron Howard: Coming from Tassie I know nothing about NRL but after a week in Townsville recently your team holds a special place in my heart. You have a massive fighting spirit, a great bunch of guys and the will to win. All the best for tomorrow!!!!!

Chinchilla-Angel: Everytime you guys take the field and stay in the fight, you inspire each and every one of us to believe the impossible is possible, You are Conquerors! Go win this thing!!

Debbie Sherwood: I live in townsville but am in Victoria expecting my first grandchild (hopefully on GF day!) I pledge to support and yell the loudest in Victoria to help get over the line xxx

Michael Williams: Up the boys!!!! The town is behind you! regardless of the result you have done us all bloody proud.

Narissa Northey: Cowboys will win.. they are the best team around.. my team since the beginning

Luke Wallace: Come on boys you can do it

David McClelland: I pledge to be a cowboy fan for life win, lose or draw. Cowboys for life.

Jessica Baulch: When the odds are against you, you continue to rise. Rise one more time and you win the prize! GO THE COWBOYS!!!

Nathan Wiltshire: Come on boys! You got this!

Maurice Clarke: No one believed in the Cowboys this year, except all of FNQ.... GO COWBOYS. GIVE IT TO THE STORM

Lyn Faulkner: Embrace n Enjoy this amazing ride.So reach for the stars Cowboys after all your difficulties n injuries. So proud of being a Cowboy fan since day 1.

Donna Flores: Will be cheering from Sarina as I watch you win the gf. Go the Cowboys